Football or soccer has been a sport for every generation. The game gives a feel of youth. The ball used in the game is a priced possession for the players. Every ball is identified by their uniqueness in design. But did it ever strike to anybody’s reasoning that the design of the ball is creation of someone’s intellect and should be protected by the law of copyright. Although world cup is over but people can’t keep off from thinking about football or soccer as Americans call it. In the year 2016, the Union Associations Européennes De Football (UEFA) filed an application with the US copyright office to have the famous Starball logo to be registered as a copyright work of two-dimensional visual art. The logo is composed of a round ball made up of black stars, with white polygons in the negative space between the stars. The shapes are arranged into a circular space, with the outer stars curved to follow the circumference. The application was rejected by the US Copyright office.

Any work shall be registered if it qualifies as an original work of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression. The CORB found in this context that the logo wasn’t sufficiently original to sustain a claim for copyright. The CORB further stated that according to Section 905, merely bringing some shapes together in form doesn’t exhibit a creative expression. UEFA claimed that position of the stars and polygons is to create a three dimensional illusion. This argument was dismissed by the CORB.

Though UEFA has successfully registered as the Starball logo as a trademark in US but had lost to the Copyright Office.

23 aug, 2018


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