The Office of the Controller General of Patent, Designs & Trade Marks (CGPDTM), located at Mumbai administers Intellectual Property in India. The CGPDTM is a subordinate office under the Department of Industrial Policy and and Promotion (DIPP) and CGPDTM. The Offices for Patent, Trademark, Design and Geographical Indications have been established under the CGPDTM to administer matters related to the above mentioned Intellectual Property Rights. CGPDTM supervises the proceedings under the Patents Act, the Trade Marks Act and the Design Act. For matters relating GI protection, there is a GI Registry in Chennai established under the CGPDTM.The Head Office of Patents is located at Kolkata and its branch offices are at Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. A patent application is required to filed at the appropriate office. The introduction of patent automation and electronic processing has resulted in increased efficiency and transparency in patent matters. Most of the information related to patent applications have been made available online and has made it more convenient for the public. The Patent Office administers matters in accordance with the Patent Act, its Rules and the Design Act and its Rules. Patent can be ranted by any of the Patent Offices located in the four locations. On the other hand, design can be granted only by the Design wing of the Patent Office in Kolkata.

The Trade Marks registry is located at Mumbai and its branch offices are in Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and New Delhi.It administers the Trade Marks Act and its Rules. Its main function is to register trademarks that qualify for registration under the law. Its an information centre for matters relating to trade marks in the country.

CGPDTM can also delegate its powers under the law to its subordinate officers e.g. Senior Joint Controller of Patents & Designs, Joint Controller of Patents & Designs, Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs, Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs (All Group ‘A’ officers).